Details and Facts for home of jobs



13. November 2008


Petra Reinholz, Katrin Sander




Holding company

home of jobs holding GmbH (Hamburg)

home of jobs branches:

Berlin, Dresden, Halle (Saale), Hamburg, Hanover, Munich, Schwerin


The home of jobs holding GmbH is a holding and service company. Under the brand home of jobs are a number of subsidiary companies and branches operating across Germany. The focus of home of jobs holding GmbH as a service and consulting company is making available central commercial services in particular the constant further development of modern IT infrastructure, central management of applicants and request system as well as a skilled and up to date pool of candidates in order to guarantee the best processes for personnel services for its clients across Germany.

Co-entrepreneur Principle

The directors of the subsidiary companies are basically participants in the GmbHs as co-entrepreneurs. They therefore participate in the annual net income and in the company value of “their” respective company. This partnership model is an essential factor in the success of the group of companies.

Our services

Our services
Supply of skilled and management staff

Permanent Placement
Placement of skilled and management staff

Industry sectors

Banks and insurance companies, law, information and communications, healthcare and social services, IT and telecommunications, transport and logistics, machine construction, aerospace, automotive industry, rail transport industry, energy and electro technology, food industry, associations and public services