1. What are the advantages of temporary work?

Working in a job on a temporary basis has a number of advantages. You will work for us on the basis of a fixed contract of employment with social security contributions and you will be paid in accordance with the Federal Association of Temporary Personnel Services (iGZ) wage agreement. It goes without saying that you will enjoy all employee rights (such as protection against dismissal) even if you are working on a temporary basis. Temporary works gives you the opportunity to acquire professional experience and to get to know various employers. Many of our employees who have worked on a temporary basis then go on to be employed directly by companies on a permanent basis. Make the most of our contacts to well-known companies in order to develop your career further.

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2. Why should I apply for temporary work at home of jobs if I would prefer to work for a company on a permanent basis?

Many companies place great important on the fast and appropriate filling of vacant jobs and value our expertise in finding the right personnel within a short time frame. An application from you offers more job opportunities for temporary work, shortens your application procedure and often gives you the chance to work in a well-known company which might not have even invited you for an interview if you had made a direct application. Temporary work is a modern and flexible form of employment and often ends in a direct contract of employment with one of our client companies.

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3. Why should permanent placement through home of jobs be of interest to me?

Many of our client companies entrust us with the recruitment of skilled and management staff who are then directly employed by that company. Put your application and career aspirations in our hands. At a face to face meeting we will analyze your experience and strengths for the next step in your career. We will discuss with you the most suitable job openings and will consult with you on placement. These are our advantages:

  • You shorten your application procedure
  • You are advised personally and free of charge throughout the entire application and placement process
  • You benefit from our good contacts in well-known companies and our market knowledge
  • You save time and money which you would otherwise spend seeking the right position

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4. Can I apply to home of jobs even if I have not found a suitable job opportunity?

Yes, you can send us an application at any time. We are searching for and recruiting skilled workers with vocational qualifications or professional experience in the key areas of:

  • Office & Finance
  • Industries & Engineering
  • Medical & Care

We are happy to advise and inform you on the telephone before you submit your application to us.

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5.  What happens to my application documents if home of jobs does not have a suitable job opportunity for me?

Basically you decide on the next step and we can offer you the following procedure: with your agreement and signed consent to data processing, we will hold your details in a candidate pool and consider these on an ongoing basis as new opportunities arise for permanent placement or temporary work. If we find something suitable we will contact you and decide how to proceed.

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