Become more flexible with temporary work

Temporary work is becoming more and more significant for the economy. For example, companies have to organise large-scale projects, require additional know-how, suffer from seasonal fluctuations of staff and must bridge personnel gaps on account of holiday, illness and maternity leave.  For this reason, home of jobs has specialised in employee placement in the areas of Office and Finance, Engineering and Industries and Medical and Care. We are a member of the iGZ and can help you to react flexibly to any shortages of personnel within your company.

Your requirements, our demand - quality

We offer you a high quality of service whether you need just one specially qualified employee or an entire team to tackle a large-scale project. We can recruit for you the most suitable employees. In this way, you can react flexibly to market requirements, increase your efficiency, save time and money for recruitment and also have the opportunity to take on excellent staff as direct employees.

We will find the right employees for you

We will recruit for you and place skilled workers from the areas of Office and Finance, Engineering and Industries as well as Medical and Care. If you are interested, give us a call.